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Introduction and Context

The UME (Understanding and Managing Extremes) Graduate School has been set up by IUSS Pavia (School of Advanced Studies, Pavia) to run a number of graduate programmes geared towards the probabilistic assessment and mitigation of risk and post-event emergency management. The key objective is to provide a system within which Masters and Doctoral candidates can study, understand and deal with the consequences of extreme events. The UME Graduate School is hosted at the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE).

Graduate Programmes
The programmes of UME have been initially designed to deal with three main areas:

  • disaster risk assessment, focusing mainly on natural hazards such as earthquakes hurricanes, fires, landslides and floods (with possible extensions to the topics of climatology, desertification, human-made and technological risks etc.)
  • extreme situation management, which includes topics of statistics and probability, law, economics, resource management, finance, insurance, sociology, ethics, psychology and medicine.
  • engineering for risk mitigation, which includes topics on engineering to increase the capacity of buildings and infrastructure to withstand the demands from extreme events.