The new Masters and PhD Programmes in Risk and Emergency Management (REM) aims to train graduates and professionals in the assessment, mitigation and management of extreme events (both before and after they occur), with a primary focus on those arising from natural hazards and a secondary focus on human-made, technological and biomedical risk.

The unique characteristics of the programme include the broad, interdisciplinary curriculum that includes topics of statistics and probability, law, economics, resource management, natural hazards and risk, finance, insurance, sociology, communication, psychology, public health and medicine, and the innovative teaching structure which allows renowned lecturers from around the world to make up the teaching body. Furthermore, the programme is signing cooperation agreements with a number of international partner organisations that will host the Masters candidates for their industrial placement.

Interested applicants are invited to read through all sections of this website to learn more about the programme, and about how to apply for the upcoming academic year.