Programme Outline

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2011/2012 Academic Year Timetable

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2015/2016 Academic Year Timetable

Masters candidates will follow an 18-month programme (90 ECTS) which will include 12 months of courses (worth 60 ECTS) and 6 months dedicated to an Internship (worth 30 ECTS), which may be carried in a partner institution.

PhD candidates follow a 3 year programme and should obtain 90 ECTS credits in addition to submitting a PhD thesis.

The REM programme has an innovative teaching system, with courses provided consecutively (i.e. only one course is followed at a time) with a duration between 1 and 4 weeks, where each week is characterised by around 20 hours of lectures and tutorials. The faculty comprises renowned lecturers from all over the world; the consecutive, short-term structure of the courses clearly encourages faculty from other institutions to participate in the school system. Each course involves lectures, tutorials, coursework, and an exam, with the latter accounting for between 30 to 60% of the final grade.

Considering the broad nature of the REM programme, a number of Introductory Courses will be offered to provide a common starting basis for all students.

For the Internship the Masters candidates will be expected to write a report on their work experience, and this will be signed off by both a mentor assigned to them within the partner institution and a faculty member of REM. For those candidates that join the programme through a cooperation agreement with their employer (see here), they may choose to return to their workplace for the Internship.