Bilgehan Septici

Internship Project (October 2012 – February 2013)


Cardiff University (United Kingdom)


The Relationship between Global Climate Change and Rainfall Induced NaturaI Hazards


Global climate change is manifesting itself by causing more frequent and intense rainfall-induced disasters. The number of observed extreme events also increases as a result of global climate change. When these extreme events turn to disasters humanity faces an increasing number of economic losses and casualties. Therefore, despite being an already known fact, the lack of understanding of the interrelation between global climate change and natural hazards stili causes embarrassing results for the responsible bodies such as risk and disaster managers, insurance companies and governments. This study aims to ascertain the relationship between global climate change and rainfall-induced natural hazards. This will be achieved mainly by collecting and analysing datasets of natural disasters from EMDAT, and economic indicators datasets from the World Bank and published scientific literature. The project will
also benefit from interacting with current MSc students at Cardiff and research groups in earth surface processes at the Schools of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Biosciences and Psychology. This includes fieldtrips to South Wales to observe landslides and on going seminars (in applied and natural geosciences).