The new PhD Programme in Weather-Related Risk (WRR) aims to train graduates and professionals in the (i) understanding of the dynamics and physics of geophysical processes due to natural events of meteorological origin, (ii) planning of technical strategies and policies for the prediction and reduction of risk, as well as in the (iii) production of damage and risk scenarios allowing planning and real-time decision making.

Besides obvious academic career opportunities at universities and research centres, graduates from the WRR Programme can pursue professional career as risk managers in government institutions, local authorities, centres of competence in the Civil Protection system, or in private corporations. The knowledge gained from the attendance of this program will enable graduates to also become natural catastrophe modelers in the risk assessment industry or to work for insurance and reinsurance companies and brokers, or large institutions such as the World Bank as experts in risk assessment, as well as in the field of SMEs for the development of technologies for geophysical modelling and earth observation.

Interested applicants are invited to read all sections of this website to learn more about the Programme, and about the application process for the upcoming academic year.